Remote Monitoring For Commercial Systems

Helping you stay even more in control of your commercial heating, a remote monitoring system from GetFix not only brings you greater peace of mind, it can also save you time, money and energy as well.  You can count on it.

For GetFix engineers, retro-fitting remote monitoring to your heating system comes as standard.  Whether we’ve refurbished a complete plant room or made a critical repair, we’ll add remote monitoring to keep an eye on system performance.  An internet connection is all we need to add, wherever you are in the UK.

A stand-alone system securely connected to your control system or BMS, with an intuitive graphical interface.  It’ll bring you immediate remote access to all kinds of plant operating parameters, fine adjustments and controls, warnings and alarms – on screen, by text, by email – you decide.

And it doesn’t matter how big or small your building is, or how complex its layout, we’ll install the right amount of monitoring it needs. And we’re experienced in a wide range of sectors too, including local authority, housing association, education and commercial.

To find out more about your remote monitoring options, call GetFix on 01442 256 401 or contact us. We look forward to speaking to you.

Service details

Our commitment to service goes beyond seeing a friendly face during installation, maintenance or a consultation. All work is recorded on an HSE approved system to ensure integrity, transparency throughout the audit trail.

Expert installation of high quality products and systems

We install only the most robust systems from industry leading brands because we understand that our workmanship is only as good as the products we supply. Therefore all of our recommended systems have been thoroughly researched and tested, so you have peace of mind, that our highly qualified experts are installing the best solution for you.

A safe pair of hands to resolve your issues

Should you wish, we can assist with emergency repairs and ad-hoc specialist repairs outside of a contract. Our experts can be onsite to repair and rectify an issue quickly and for those with a Building Management System (BMS) our team can often remotely identify an issue and deal with it before your tenants encounters a problem.

For more complex repairs we can implement a short term fix with more disruptive, large-scale repairs resolved out of hours or quieter periods, to minimise disruption and downtime.

Providing complete peace of mind 24/7

A maintenance programme is the most effective way of ensuring your building operates effectively and efficiently. Our maintenance plans are built around your needs, with our expert advice to ensuring a robust and effective service. All of our repair work, checks and maintenance is logged on a HSE recognised system to ensure a full audit trail.

Our maintenance programmes can also include emergency repair call-outs within an agreed timeframe, water-testing to minimise Legionella risk and fire safety checks in addition to our standard maintenance services.

Professional advice you can trust

Some scenarios can require expertise and solutions beyond existing product knowledge. Our consulting team provide advice and solutions for energy efficiency challenges, systems support, new developments, extensions and special projects ranging as wide as fire safety to Legionella outbreaks.

We listen, respond and resolve complex challenges with easy to understand solutions implemented efficiently and with the minimum of disruption.

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