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For our valued clients in commercial, education, housing association and local authority sectors, GetFix is recognised as the go-to expert in commercial heating. For BMS, control equipment, all the mechanical and electrical work; one company, a complete solution.

Consulting and planning, designing, manufacturing and installing, servicing, maintaining and repairing, for all your commercial heating system requirements, just get in touch. Call 01442 256 401 or email
We make life easier for you

Put GetFix in charge of your commercial heating system and there’s one less task on your desk, one less thing to worry about.  We’ll take the responsibility and help you get back to your busy day.  And because we provide a comprehensive all-in-one solution, you won’t need to call anyone else either.  So we’ll save you time and money, as well as all the stress.

We’re also passionate about what we do.  We really do care.  Engineering commercial heating systems is more than a vocation to us.  We understand just how important your heating system is, so we act quickly and proactively to keep it up and running, always.  And if it means working through the night then we will, we’ll be there for you no matter what.

    So because we’re completely focused on commercial heating (and nothing else), you can be absolutely certain of our engineering competence and expertise. And our clear emphasis on commercial, education, housing association and local authority sectors means you can trust us to have the requisite knowledge and experience you need.

      And we understand that key performance indicators demand a first-time-fix, so we pride ourselves on our ability to do a job properly first time and remove the need for recalls. ISO-accredited, and using state-of-the-art quality management systems, we make sure that quality is effectively managed and audited for every job, without fail. Maintaining quality is a continuous process.

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